An Eternal Moment with Dorian Gray

Italian techno DJ and producer Dorian Gray loves taking electronic music far beyond its partying aspect. Here's how he does it, the mystical way.

We are pleased to welcome Dorian Gray for the 33rd episode of The Voidrealm Podcast series. Dorian Gray, or Moreno Mariotti as he is formally known in real life, is an Italian techno music producer that is no stranger to the reigns and ropes of Hypnotic Techno.

In his productions, Gray intuitively explores organic and tribalistic elements that transport you to another level of the realm in electronic music. Achieving his notable feats has had him collaborating with iconic record labels such as Illegal Aliens, The Gods Planet, Edit Select Records, and Substrato, to name a few.

We recently sat down with Gray to talk more about his inspirations and plans this year.

Hi there, how’s it going? How was your New Year celebration?

Hello, thanks for the invitation, and a Happy New Year! Well, it was quieter and calmer than usual. But we can hope that this 2021 will be better than the previous one, right? 

I’ve been following your music since I discovered Deep Techno. Obviously, your moniker is inspired by the famous Oscar Wilde character. What drove you to take after the original Dorian Gray?

I resonate with how the literature character seeks eternity, which I liken to the hypnotic loops in techno music. The loops capture a moment and make it infinite, then through them, each artist’s memory remains eternal, and the music lives forever.

Tell me about your sources of inspirations: astronomy, symbolism, and ancient culture. What drove you into all that?

From an early age, I developed a sort of critical capacity to question the traditional religious tales taught by society. I became passionate about these cultures and the mysteries related to them, the ancestral dilemmas linked to our origin… They are otherworldly. My passion for everything related to the universe and the search for life forms, advanced technology and consequent futurism configures the panorama from which I draw to figure such contents through my music.

Any movie that profoundly inspires your music?

‘Interstellar’ above all, but also David Lynch’s films and series. Anything between the surreal and the grotesque. I’m also passionate about horror, a genre that probes our unconscious.

How do you get into your flow state for your creative work?

Each emotion leads me to turn them into notes, from anger to calmness, from fear to serenity. Both the darkness and light are enormously inspiring. I tend to fall into a kind of trance, and my creation becomes automatic writing.

What do you like to eat while you produce?

To be honest, I don’t eat and drink anything during the creative phases. I may not even go to the bathroom! [Laughs] I’m entirely absorbed and in the flow.

Jungle or Concrete Jungle?

Both. I like both nature and urban greyness; not just one or the other, but the right dose of both. Enjoying the sensations of both provides the right balance.

Balance. Got it! So, Cheesy or Tender?

Tender without a doubt! Cheesy things are obvious, cheap and silly; not my cup of tea. [Laughs]

Any new projects slated for the year? Any collaborations we should know?

Yes, I’m focused on scheduling releases for my new label DORIAN. There are many new artists and prestigious collaborations with Ness and Edit Select.

What do you think the rest of 2021 would be like for you?

I don’t know. I can only hope that 2021 will be the year of rebirth. With the vaccine will be possible to dance together again. With it, we DJs can enjoy again our travels and meetings that gratify our passion.

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