David Carollo, one half of A1KS/WOOD, shares with us his passion for radio and music production

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How are you? How’s life?

I am good, thanks. A very different world compared to the pre COVID-19, as you can imagine. But it’s good to enjoy life and appreciate what you have, always. And with all this time at home I think it was a good opportunity for everybody to study and learn new things.

What have you been doing during these few months of lockdown[?] in Singapore?

During the lockdown I spent time exploring and listening to different genres. From Downtempo, Funky, Disco, House to Detroit Techno and Melodic. I sometimes find myself inspired by these “elements” outside of my core. 

Over the past few weeks, I had the chance to release some guest mixes to participate in some Live Streaming, including United We Stream Asia from TUFF Club, here in Singapore.

You seem to love the radio show. How did you get involved in the project?

Yes, it’s true, I love radio! I started my radio experience a long time ago during university. This year is the 10th season of my own show called “Sinestesia: The Exploration of 5 senses in Music”. Born as an experiment in the studios of BMradio in 2010 in a little town near Milan, it’s currently on Ibiza Live Radio 103.7FM in Ibiza (accessible worldwide via our mobile app and www.ibizaliveradio.com). It was, and is, a long amazing journey. I started with my own weekly mixes, and now the current concept goes as such where every year we would feature around 50 DJs and producers in the house and the techno scene from around the world. This year, I am co-hosting the show with two close friends: Michel Meroni (my music partner for A1ks project) and Giuseppe Gitto.

You have been producing a lot the past couple of years. With whom are you making your own music? What has been your inspiration for the tracks you produced?
Yes, I’ve been working on some tracks for a while now with Meroni via our project A1ks (A Thousand Shades). We work on various musical landscapes, from ambient to the darkest techno, via not just our productions but also our DJ sets too (the last one was played in Konstanz, Germany on September 2019). The first single was released last June on the Barcelona-based WOOD, part of the VA compilation Secret Garden vol.4. By the way, you can trace it in my mix here!
Our work’s inspired by two opposites “poles”: the ambient/electronic/melodic IDM end from artists such as Bjork, Kiasmos, Olafur Arnalds, Christian Loffler, Stimming, Dominik Eulberg, HVOB, Gui Boratto, Rodriguez Jr, Ryan Davis, Recondite, and also labels like Dial, Border Community, Kompakt, Plangent, Traum and Afterlife.
From the other end, the dark/techno part of the spectrum, you can “sense” influences from artists like Radioslave, Ryan Elliott, Ø [Phase], Dubspeeka, Alan Fitzpatrick, Anna, Truncate, Emmanuel and labels like Ostgut Ton, Soma, Rekids, ARTS and Midnight Shift, just to name a few.
What are your future plans? That is, in terms of your music production, radio show and events?
So in terms of music production, as A1ks we are in the process of fine tuning three tracks. So, expect something new to pop up sometime around the end of this year and the beginning of the next. Sinestesia will be on Ibiza Live Radio again for 2021, it is already confirmed! [Laughs]

About events, of course I can’t wait to go back behind the decks in clubs and bars here, Headquarters first of all – the club where I had most gigs in the last few months. But other nice venues and locations would be awesome, too.
So what’s your motto in life? How do you keep thriving during these tough times?

Be positive, always. The light will come back.

You coming to KL anytime soon, once everything back to normal?

Yes, definitely man! I love KL for its nightlife. And I have some friends based there; it’s always a pleasure to see them. I usually visit a couple of times a year. I definitely will come back once travelling is made possible again without the travel ban and all these specific restrictions.

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