VOIDREALM An experience to a new realm of electronic music in collaborative way. Voidrealm series weaves the mixture of sound from the past, future and present into a new sub genre altogether. Running club nights : Le Noir KL Jiro KL SOUND LIKE Experience another realm of electronic music Follow our soundcloud for more music […]

Devoid LIVE

DEVOID LIVE A live stream community collaboration nights focusing on all the good music. No boundaries in type of music as the acceptance are absolute. Disco, House, Lofi, Trance, Techno, you name it, we stream it.​ DEVOID LIVE AT SIFTERS ASIA PARTNERS & COLLABORATORS


VOIDANCE ANYTHING NOT NORMAL Enter the brighter end of the Voidrealm’s sphere and move to the many left field sounds as carried by driving basslines and experimental psychedelia. Electronica at it’s most eclectic and eccentric. Running club nights :  Pisco Bar KL SOUND LIKE Electronica at it’s most eclectic and eccentric. Follow our soundcloud for […]

Into the Void

INTO THE VOID ANOTHER SIDE OF TECHNO Experience the journey into the unknown. Rediscover hidden pleasures and integrate uncharted senses across an entire spectrum of techno, from the hedonistic melodic beats to darker side of pulsating thumb. Immerse in the whole musical terrains with the visual artist by Akasha Visuals. Running club nights :  Le […]