Analog K (MY)


Analog K is a producer, musician, DJ and a live performer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is an introvert musician living in his spaeship-liked studio, pushing to the furthest corners of his music.
His love towards analog genres, from experimenting with synthesisers and modulars made him more interested into designing his own signature sound
and style of music, influenced by Nu-disco, French Touch, Indie Dance, House and Electronica music.

He was well-trained by Nacho Maco (LOUDEAST RECORDS), one of the most respected djs and prolific producers on the Spanish electronic music scene
when he was based in Valencia, Spain in 2015 for 2 years. Analog K has evolved in a variety of styles with his perfect skills either in Djing or live performance.

Analog K has played in various live shows and DJ sets in the city of Kuala Lumpur. He is also part of PublicSchool KL, a music collective that introduces a
wide range of music and diverse styles of music, from organic grooves of Arabic Disco and Southeast Asian funk, to the coldest wave and syncopated left field techno.

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