Injoo Wie (KOR)


INJOO WiE is an artist with no boundaries of music. РShe speaks a different language of music where instead of drawing a boundary between different types of music, she found the beauty in each of them and combined them into a beautiful language. As her language has no boundaries, just like how Shakespeare captivates the whole world with his words, she is doing the same, but without the need of words.  Through her set of plays on the deck, she expresses her genuine emotion and raw energy with the listeners.

She is influenced by turntablism and hip-hop music. At the early age of 16 she began learning how to DJ. Her first encounter with the art of DJ is through hip-hop with Bossa nova rhythm, where she accidentally heard a song and was attracted to the charm of scratching sound in the bridges. She then took a leap towards her newfound passion and started pursuing her passion in music.

Through her vast knowledge of different type of music, she has produced her own style of music. She then realized her true passion in being a DJ/Producer lies within Disco, House, Synth PoP and French Electronic.

Later on, she made her presence known at the finest venues in KL with her charismatic and sometimes funky style, which then truly made her known as one of the talents in KL underground scene.

As how KL underground scene has dramatically developed throughout the years, she began her venture into techno, electronic, and other genre which were only known as sub-genre when she first began her adventure here. As her knowledge in dark music grows deeper, she wants to stand on the deck and reveal the dark aura which is buried deep inside various venues.

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