From a young age P.E.R.I. had always steered away from the mainstream. At 14, this
Germany born DJ started listening to the likes of Klaus Schulze and Pink Floyd followed later by The Art of Noise along with other forms of electronica. PE.R.I.’s passion for the non-mainstream never ceased and in 92’, that eventually led her to take up mixing vinyls as an underground DJ. At that point in time, she had unknowingly become one of the first and very few female DJ’s in Germany.

By the time she returned from Berlin her preferences had become heavily influenced by Detroit Techno, a new direction which prompted her as a DJ to focus on underground Techno and becoming an active promoter for several underground movements including the legendary illegal club ‘NEUROSERVE’ near Cologne. The exposure gained from her hard work would eventually give her collaborative opportunities with the iconic Tresor in Berlin.
Despite her promising potential to become an industry leader, P.E.R.I. left the Techno
scene in 2003 for 15 years to explore other musically-unrelated career opportunities.
this was about the time when electronica genres in general, declined in demand and
Up until recently, P.E.R.I relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in 2018, that once
deep-passion for the Techno sound reignited and motivated this DJ to reconnect with the
local electronic music community. Since then, her passion-fueled Techno sets have begun
to garner a cult following both locally, and in the international online-radio scene.
Deep & Hard Techno along with smart minimal tunes and a tat of experimental nuances
is that what makes P.E.R.I.’s style individual

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