Healing with music amidst Covid-19 stress

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No one could have foreseen the arrival of Covid-19 and the stress that follows — least of all, those of us in the music industry. But we can choose to perceive this lockdown as an opportunity to reestablish our understanding of music as a tool for creating a positive, stress-free environment.

Follow these steps to start healing with music in these stressful times.

1. Go back to basics

When the going gets tough — and it is tough right now — we have to create for ourselves a calming space in which we can freely explore our innermost emotions. This is the foundation for creating positive distractions for our brains, particularly in times of stress. 

Every DJ started out as a great listener. Honour your own point of origin by tracing back your favourite tunes, whether they lean towards gentler sounds or more hardcore arrangements.

Now, music is also for moving and dancing as much as it is a way for musicians to be in the now via the flow state. Manage your stress by first listening and dancing while you work from home (WFH).

2. Establish your free-stress vibe

Before you go on a stress-free live stream, be sure to set the best vibe for the day, e.g. “chill sunrise house” or “bunker techno party.” In need of some novel ideas? Creating playlists is a good way to jumpstart your game, especially when you’re up for exploring the works of other DJs.

3. Expand your reach online

The online electronic music scene that’s going off on social media right now is proof that you can commit to social distancing and still keep the music going.

Want to emulate the path of our Italian creatives? Open up your own balcony party; it seems to be the lockdown trend that works these days. Your choice of music is entirely up to you, but if we can recommend, some deep house or melodic house and techno is great, especially if your neighbourly crowd is big.

4. Keep yourself updated

The point of music is to connect with others, and this ethos applies to us more than ever during this quarantine season. Show solidarity by not just creating your own live stream party, but also participating in those organised by other DJs. Beatport’s ReConnect live stream session that’s taking place from 27 March 2020 onwards is, for one, a great start.

Check out for more mixes from Voidrealm Collective while you staying home here  

By Josefine Bertram @ Earth M
Edited by Naressa Khan

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