A collective effort for the love of good house & techno music

Voidrealm is a techno collective based in Kuala Lumpur in which member artists and talents share and exchange their ever-expanding ideas and visions with regards to the experientially of electronic music and it’s meaning

Voidrealm Collective was founded as an initiative by two techno and house enthusiasts in late 2017. Steadily  grouped together a membership of artists after experimenting with a few events. Voidrealm adopted the concept of “Open Source” where members in the group collaborate as a collective to plan, modify and deliver experiential events that combine the effects of mind-wiring sounds with postmodern visuals.

The collective strives to provide alternative events more accessible to a wider audience and strengthening the foundations of the local underground music community.

The membership of Voidrealm base as an eclectic progressive mix of local DJ and artists from the Disco, House, Techno and even Psytrance scene — all who promote an alternative lifestyle based on values of spreading love through music.

Members and collaborators originate from many parts of the world such as Australia, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Yemen and, of course, Malaysia.


Music for the consciousness


A whole cosmic experience with the sound of deep basslines and mind wiring arpeggios with enhance of visual experience throughout the night


A live stream community collaboration nights focusing on all the good music. No boundaries in type of music as the acceptance are absolute. Disco, House, Lofi, Trance, Techno, you name it, we stream it.


A brighter ends of Voidrealm’s sphere of leftfield field sounds as carried by driving basslines and experimental psychedelia. Electronica at it’s most eclectic and eccentric


Jam for all the experimental sound from the collective. Tune in for the whole experience of evolution of electronic music