Inside Polygonia's Realm of Thoughts

Way before her electronic music journey began, she harboured a lifelong fascination with multiple musical instruments. Coupled with her experiences with other art forms, she gradually became inspired to translate her understanding of rhythm, composition and experimentalism via the digital music language.

How do I describe my discovery of Polygonia’s music on Soundcloud? Well, let’s say I immediately imagined myself being in a deep forest, sitting somewhere in a corner accompany with the sound of river flowing and trees rustling. The mix that she had recently made for Temple was so emotionally articulate, so full of flow, that it’s apt to call it a beautiful journey. 

Naturally, I had to reach out to her and pick her brains.

The brain behind Polygonia, Lindsey Wang, is one versatile artist based in Munich, Germany. Way before her electronic music journey began, she harboured a lifelong fascination with multiple musical instruments. Coupled with her experiences with other art forms, she gradually became inspired to translate her understanding of rhythm, composition and experimentalism via the digital music language.

In short, Wang creates mystic, in-depth and experimental soundscapes with acoustic accents that never fail to give me goosebumps every time they blast through my speakers.

Apart from making music, the hyper-talented mind also contributes artworks for Lowless Records. Impressed with her touch across the art spectrum, I decided to get to know her better.

Happy New Year! How are you doing these days?

Thank you, I am doing fine at the moment. Had some time to relax a bit and clear my head. Now I am starting to work on further projects again with fresh ears and eyes. It’s always good to have a break to develop new ideas and other ways of thinking, in terms of technique.

How do you manage your flow state when creating art as a multidisciplinary artist & producer?

Well, I think art is not really only a thing that can happen by coincidence or the right moment. Once you know the technical details behind the ‘magic’, it gets entirely theoretical. There are many days when I’d feel the emotion I want to wrap up in a track or an artwork. 

But of course, there are more requests than those moments. So I also needed to work around the days when I don’t feel it. The most crucial step in creating anything is to start and not to judge the outcome too much. It sounds trivial, I know, but once there is a basic structure, it is so much easier to continue and make something nice out of it. But still, I need to mention, music and art are my life essences, and without them, I wouldn’t have any way to process my feelings and thoughts.

What’s your go-to comfort food when you’re in your creative mode?

Haha, that is a nice question! The bassline of all creative processes at my desk is tea. Concerning food: it varies from time to time,. Usually, I fall into a meditative state of mind and just fuse with my screen or tool I am using at the moment. When it is like that, I often forget to eat or even go to the toilet. When I awake from that state, and often because I get too hungry to proceed, I would snack, which doesn’t require much time. 

My fave snacks can be vegan sausages (I discovered a “convincing enough kind” even if the taste isn’t exactly realistic), cottage cheese, maybe some fresh salad, or anything good dinner leftovers. You see, I reward myself with a big meal after I am done with work. The aim here is always to stay focused and eat a very delicious meal after creating.

In your opinion, what’s your best creation as an artist?

That is not easy to say actually. At the beginning of my producing process, I’d tend to have favourites. But lately, as I create one after another quickly, I find myself liking the one I’m currently working on in the present moment. I think this question also always depends on the moment in which one asks it

And right now I would say that I like ‘Shadow Hunt’ released on a very nice VA by From a Lost Place, but I guess it could be another one tomorrow. It would be very interesting to hear what my supporters answer to this question – I am sure there will be some surprises.

About my visual work: I recently took part in an extremely inspiring project called  ‘The Sketchbook Project’. The organisers collect sketchbooks from artists from all over the world and exhibit them in the middle of Brooklyn and in their Bookmobile, which travels worldwide.

I don’t have that much time to create graphics for myself, because I do a lot for people who commission me. But for this particular project, I filled 15 pages with a new illustrative concept fusing geometry and plants together in a minimalistic way. I am currently uploading the pages to my illustration  Instagram account.

I enjoyed this project a lot and I also liked the result very much, definitely going to work on this concept a bit more and dive deeper into it.

Tell us more about your Record Label? Who’s the artist that signed with it?

I own the label with the musicians, Dycide and MTRL.

Everybody who is signed originates from our circle of friends from Munich going back to our school day. Along with Epsilon, Delusional Circuits, Mordio and Kaf make up its entire group of signed artists.

Ohneweil is creating half of the artwork; the other half is my work. It is essential to mention that we also have two very talented guys helping us with their fantastic output: Kwasu Tembo from Harare, Zimbabwe, and Ian Cunningham from New York.

The number of producers is fixed and we don’t sign anybody else because we want to have this closed circle. Our perspective is based on the concept that every single one of us brings their very unique style to this collective, and they can’t be replaced. We want to be as diverse as possible in the genres of Deep Techno and Ambient, our metaphor for this is always: Imagine a whole day at a festival. Every slot hosts one artist of our catalogue, from one playing bright warm colors in the morning and daytime to the other one playing dark abyss Techno for the last playtime after midnight.

Describe your sound in 3 words

Mystic, Deep, Naturalistic

What’s your next project for 2021?

My plan for the second half of 2021 onwards is to establish more self-releases. I want to work a bit more independently and be a little more strict about the labels I choose to partner with and release my work. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like to collaborate with many others. Quite the opposite! But the number of production requests can get out of hand. 

There are some labels which are my fixed homes. I will remain with them for sure. And for VAs and remixes, everything will stay the same. But things will change with EPs and albums.

Thank you and for your time and here’s a mix from the lady herself exclusively for Voidrealm.

For more info about Polygonia

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Featured image by TJ Krebs