Get to know the other side of underground House & Techno collective; NWHR crew from Kuching, Sarawak.

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Sarawak has been a renowned state from east Malaysia with beautiful scenery, multi-cultural community and excellent food. We know that Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak) has a lot of hardworking and talented people in music. So, what about the underground club scene there?

We had a chat with the collective from there called Nowhere that run their club nights from club to exciting places in Kuching and what they aspire to showcase to the discerning House & Techno party goes over there.

How do you guys start this collective?

Our collective started roughly 2 years ago, and it was the result of a stagnant music scene in our hometown (Kuching, Malaysia), and a bunch of friends wanting to do something about it. Our members, who are often spread in different parts of the world, drew inspiration from the way dance communities function overseas, and simply decided to foster the scene locally, not only as a means to provide alternative clubbing experiences but as an outlet for people to express themselves in safe, welcoming spaces.

How many of you in the collective? Any specific roles? How do you guys delegate? 

At its core, there’s 7 of us. Aside from our resident DJs (Rudi, Tristan, Ryan and myself), the rest of the work is mutually shared; from planning, financials, executing etc. It can get busy. Thankfully, we all share a level of trust and understanding, so the synergy helps. Sun Young runs the graphic design side of things, an aspect we promote as much as the music we play.

What is your ethos for all your club nights? 

Our club nights initially started for us. We loved partying in an underground atmosphere, and due to the lack of such spaces, we started doing our own thing in an empty shop-lot in the old Chinese quarter, with gear we all chipped in for. Naturally, curious people came and checked us out, and we are forever grateful for their continued presence. Now, for us there is nothing fresher than experimenting with music, seeing new and regular faces, and basically sharing great nights with like-minded people.

What are your challenges when organising club nights in Kuching.

The hardest part is probably cost? It’s never about profit, but it’s undeniable that funds are needed to pay for gear, spaces etc. Garnering new audiences is a big challenge as well, but that’s a challenge that takes time and persistence. We understand that our music and event style is niche, we just hope that as the scene develops, people come in with broader mindsets and willingness to give it a shot. 🙂

What is Techno to you?

Techno is a great genre that we promote and push, but to us, we enjoy it equally as much as the many genres within electronic music. That’s the function of our different DJs and party themes, to try our best and give people a taste from the expansive, and impressive spectrum of digital music.


Featuring Rudi Ibrahim’s mix  exlusive for Voidrealm

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