Minimalaysia reveals Various Artists - Sembilan Belas [MM019]

Minimalaysia reveals a new compilation consists of seven tracks from established minimal artists and up and coming producers like A Blade Of Grass, Yoske, Ody Dozz, MINt, Fardin Ameri, Sható and Charl.

Like their last release, the selection is really on point which is not always an easy achievement. All too often you might find a VA release with one or two tracks that you really dig. MM019 truly delivers the goods on all seven.

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The moody ‘Haft’ from A Blade Of Grass leads out with crunchy claps, stern kicks patiently unravelling throughout well-paced arrangement through perpetual repetition and occasionally evolving into soundscapes  journey drifting in and out of the track.

The evasive acid background and sharp hi hats cutting the thick techno vibe from MINt on ‘Process 01’. Infectious energy is served straight from rolling groove that dominates the beat. High powered synths glide over the bassline in euphoric fashion.

Sható follows on with ‘Movement’ deep moody synths and monster groove render it broken poetry at it’s best. The synth melodies are warm and hopeful, creating an equal balance of pleasantry and grit

Ody Dozz‘s Nusantara influences embedded in ‘Nafas’, leave us hints of it’s vivid melody surfacing beneath haunting filtered voices. Darker undertones are fuelled by groove that would slot in perfectly at peak time.

Yoske takes charge with ‘Backpackers’ centres around a neatly curated percussive groove with some excellent low-end action underpinning the track. Riding hi-hats are a great addition as are the sparse synth wiggles that filter in and out of view.

A Blade Of Grass  and Fardin Ameri collaborated together delving deeper into the mysteries that shroud it. Intricate percussive movements keep the groove very much alive as the hypnotic loops slowly lead you down the rabbit hole.

Charl adds to the darker shades of minimal with a much more reduced footprint on ‘The Patient’, serving up a bouncing growl that is so prominent it’s absence lifts you at the breakdown over the deeply thudding bassline.

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You can purchase the MM019 VA on Bandcamp.

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