Two Strangers Intertwine to Form Binary Thoughts

Chats with a Macedonian DJ duo on their journey thus far and all the adventures that are yet to come.
Rimkha Sandhu

Rimkha Sandhu

A psychology graduate with a love for all things music and fashion

At first strangers, Ana Bogatinovska and Jovana Gjorgievska who met at a music festival in their native country hit it off chatting for hours about electronic music, they decided to work together on a project that will connect their somewhat different but similar taste in electronic music. Their melancholic, delicate, and hypnotic sounds use ‘binary thinking’ as a motor to press on to a third term or a higher category that represents a transcending reconciliation or unity: where thesis and antithesis are always harnessed to yield a synthesis. Where seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary: Yin and Yang. This is how this electronic duo, Binary Thoughts from Macedonia, currently based in Skopje was formed. There is a deeper meaning to the name, the ancestral way of thinking has always been ‘binary ‘. To understand nature and all its phenomena, we made a world of oppositions (day /night, sun/moon, male/female). Where the law of “all or nothing” rules ,there is no in-between. But reality is indeed always more complex and more interconnected than what our ‘perception’ of the world suggests. This perception beyond this “all or nothing” connected them.

After making a name for themselves in their native country, they branched out and gained regional/international success with their gig at Visions of Beyond Festival at Harilaq Fortress in Kosovo and Rituals x ESCH party at Suicide Club in Berlin. They have also shared the decks with artists like Ness , Evigt Mörker, Korridor, nthng, ALPI, Yukimasa, Aleja Sanchez to name a few. Since October 2019 they’ve become part of Astrale Artist Management. Currently, they are working on their own music with an aim to explore the vast horizons of deep and hypnotic soundscapes. Let’s dive in and get to know this power pack duo a little better…

Photo by Kødar Neuman 


You mentioned that you met at a music festival? What festival was it and what was the defining moment where you both clicked and said, let’s start a DJ duo project called Binary Thoughts?

Yes, that’s correct. It was in 2015, at D Festival, an open-air music festival in our home country. The festival was three days long, and during this time, we talked about our musical interests, favourite artists, musical influences, and DJing. Deep in talks, we concluded that we both have similar musical taste but different approaches. This is when we ‘clicked,’ and decided to start Binary Thoughts upon returning to our hometown. Acting as a “unification” it allowed us to express these two opposing sides.


As Ana and Jovana individually, what were you two doing before starting Binary Thoughts?

Before we started the project, we were both students. Ana was studying Psychology, while Jovana was studying Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology. We lived in the same town for many years, but we’ve never met before the festival (imagine that, haha). We both had different plans for the future at the time, but Binary Thoughts quickly changed this in a good way.


As a DJ duo, how do you complement each other? What strengths do you each bring to the table?

Whenever we play, we both bring a different set of emotions. One of us might feel more melancholic while the other might feel more energetic, and when we combine these two, we form our trademark ‘binary sound’. For example, Ana loves creating spatial tension and bringing chaos, while Jovana likes to calm the storm down by bringing orderly and calming patterns into the mix. However, sometimes it’s the other way around (but not so often)


Tell us about Macedonia?

It is a spectacular small country with an abundance of mountains, national parks, lakes, and ancient towns. Even though we’ve been living here for almost 30 years, we’ve yet to explore it. It’s a perfect destination if you’re looking for adventures outside the usual European experiences. As we’ve become increasingly digitally attached lately, getting out and exploring nature helps to clear our heads – making us much more open to new ideas.


What has been your favourite show till date?

It’s not easy to choose one, but our favourite show was our Berlin debut at the Rituals x ESCH party at Suicide Circus. A dear friend of ours, THNTS, was hosting the show and invited us to join the lineup. It was a dream come true for both of us (playing at one of the most influential musical centres of Europe). The whole experience was very transcending for us. We felt a feeling of ‘unity’ with the crowd. One we have never experienced before, and that will always stay with us.


Are there any dream festivals you guys wish to perform at?

Our dream festival would be Paral·lel Festival, where each artist’s performance is linked to form a narrative that tells one’s story. And this is something we would be very honoured to be a part of.


How would you describe your core sound as Binary Thoughts?

This sound directly represents how chaos can turn into order at any point and vice versa. Also, that you always need a bit of chaos in order and a bit of order in chaos. So our mixes are walking that fine line between chaos and order. This means that even though we do oppose each other in some sense, we still compliment each other.


Share some favourite tracks at the moment. How do you feel about those tracks?

Some of the tracks we are currently listening to are:

Archivist – Psion 

Luigi Tozzi – Posidonia

Atomic Moog – Chasing Blue

Acronym – Blue Planet

Blovk – Kédros

All of them are unique on their own, but they form a wonderful balance of deep and danceable techno. We appreciate the deep melodies, rhythmic elements, and well-paced textures. With cold and stormy weather outside, we spend more time inside, so these tracks are a perfect way for us to explore unknown destinations from the comfort of our home.


What do you look forward to in 2022?

First of all, to be able to play again, as we haven’t been able to do so since our last show in 2020 in Razzmatazz, Barcelona. Besides, we are planning a few surprises throughout the year, but we cannot reveal any details at this point.

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