Voidrealm Features AlexSkySpirit

AlexskySpirit’s immersive driving sounds for Voidrealm Podcast #49

Born and raised in Patras, Greece, Alex’s career as a DJ started at 18 when his own party series, Cube. It’s been four years since. Today, he is steadily getting himself into production, experimenting with sounds that combine minimal melodies with energetically driving drum rumbles, distorted textures, cinematic pads, and a subtle touch of psychedelia.

The ongoing health pandemic has given Alex more time to experiment and build his tips and tricks of making his production prowess his own. His inspiration bank from which he draws during his flow state is broad: random landscape images, long winter walks in the city, even scenes from his favorite films and TV shows.

There is much to anticipate from Alex, starting with his plan to release his second EP on Edit Select this September. Expect new self-released tracks on Bandcamp and two remixes coming up from his collaboration with Postdynamic and Unknown Territory.

Alex’s approach for the Voidrealm Podcast 49 is thumper than his usual mixes. But one thing’s for sure, this maestro isn’t discounting his signature penchant for noisy textures, moody mids and fast-as-lightning tempos. Check out his energetic set to get to know him more.

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