Voidrealm Features Rui Tang

Rui Tang bringing on some slinky minimal tunes for Voidrealm Podcast #52
Rimka Sandhu

Rimka Sandhu

A psychology graduate with a love for all things music and fashion

Born and bred in the highlands of the Tibetan mountains comes Rui Tang, a woman of Qiang ethnicity who found her way down from the mountains to the beaches of some of Thailand’s best islands. Growing up surrounded by Tibetan, Mongolian and her own Qiang folk music constantly inspired her while allowing her to appreciate the unique sounds World music has to offer. Hit with an amazing sensory overload when she discovered techno, she was sold to it’s a crazy world and made a home for herself in it. While techno is her main love, right now she also shares a deep passion for downtempo ethnic tunes, indie dance, disco, house and minimal. This petite firecracker describes her sound as being for the daydreamers and free dancers.

Making a name for herself in the underground scene of Bangkok and Koh Phangan she has played at some of the hottest spots in the country from Mustache and Saferoom in Bangkok to Samsara Beach Club, Why Nam Beach, Three-sixty Bar, MIR, IVE Lounge, Bluerama, 69 Bar, Art of Living on Koh Phangan. Rui Tang has even hit 2 festivals, the Taidin Garden Festival in Hua Hin and Where is my Rabbit? Festival in Koh Chang. Apart from all this she has also played some secret parties around the country. 

With all this buzz what’s in store for her next? Rui Tang plans to focus on making music, her first track is in the process of being completed, it’s almost done actually! An organic house/downtempo style track that will be a collaboration with her friend, an Italian artist called Modo. After this is done she’s going to focus on producing some techno and minimal tunes. She’s also looking forward to travels and tours the minute everything in the world is normal again.