Voidrealm Teams Up with The Gasket Alley and Plural to Highlight Mental Health Struggles

In conjunction with World Mental Health Day, Voidrealm teamed up with industry friends Plural Asia and The Gasket Alley to produce two stunning live mixes featuring Voidrealm stalwarts Odd and DJ Mawiewowie.

Adam Matthew

Adam Matthew

Co-Founder of Plural Asia and partner at Wired Music Week. Mental health advocate. Loves cats.

Recorded at The Gasket Alley, these mixes were especially recorded to highlight the mental health struggles that the industry is suffering from having been closed since early March 2020. Both mixes took a different approach in terms of messaging.

DJ Mawiewowie’s mix is a slow burn that set’s the tone for the conversation. “I want my listeners to take it slow and understand every process needs baby steps to untangle from the ramifications of even our lowest points. Hence my slow BPM approach on this set” Mawie said in reflection to this post.

DJ Odd took the pace up slightly with his infectious selection. “Times may be tough, but if we can celebrate together through music we can weather through this together. I wanted this set to bring hope and a small smile to the listeners”, say Odd on his inspiration behind the mix.

The Gasket Alley provided the perfect backdrop for the recording and production of this mix. The venue graciously allowed for extra production to be brought in and fully understood the significance of this initiative.


Plural and Voidrealm urges everyone to keep having conversations about mental health.

1 in 4 Malaysians are suffering from some form of mental disorder. A recent survey has found the prevalence of depression and anxiety has as high as 59 and 55 per cent respectively

Many people are suffering in silence. Many are not speaking about their pain due to shame, fear and possible societal pressure. A simple check-in is a huge part of helping to destigmatize conversations about mental health decline. By normalizing conversations we allow people to take a brave step to seek help before it’s too late.

Reaching out to each other could mean the world to someone.